Enhancing the relationship with an affiliate college

Melanie Jones, Swansea University

Dr Melanie Jones, Swansea University
Published August 2013


Teaching East-Asian Students: Some Observations

Swee-Hoon Chuah, Nottingham University Business School
Swee-Hoon Chuah
Nottingham University Business School
Published October 2010

Dr Chuah was the winner of the Economics Network's Outstanding Teaching Award for 2009.

Can a Man be a Prophet in Another Land?

Gonzalo Forgues-Puccio, University of St Andrews

Some thoughts about studying and teaching in the UK

Gonzalo Forgues-Puccio
University of St Andrews
Published August 2009

Teaching Culturally Diverse Groups: managing assessed group work

Jude Carroll, Oxford Brookes University

Jude Carroll, Oxford Brookes University. Extracted with permission from Teaching International Students: improving learning for all edited by Jude Carroll and Janette Ryan, 2005, RouteledgeFalmer, ISBN: 0415350654.
Published on the Economics Network site, June 2009.

Improving International Students' experience of studying in the UK

Jan Katherine Bamford, London Metropolitan Business School
Contact: Jan Katherine Bamford
London Metropolitan Business School
Published February 2008