Theme 4: Adaptable assessment

  • 7 Sept: Materials, providing reflections on assessment in 19/20 and practical advice on how to design different types of assessment, available on this website
  • 7 Sept – 14 Sept: Discussion forums live on website
  • 16 Sept: Seminar (#EconTEAching) on Adaptable Assessment. Jointly hosted with CTALE and the University of Warwick, 3-4pm BST.

This synchronous session will provide practical ideas on how to develop alternative adaptable assessments in economics degrees, building on lessons learned from the experience in 19/20. This is an opportunity to reflect on how best to assess learning outcomes, including those linked to development of employability skills, and how to design different assessments so they can work in a world of teaching online, face to face or a mix of the two.

Contribute to the session: Complete the Survey!

From the end of June until the end of July 2020 we will run a survey to ask for insights on how you have coped with changing assessment quickly in light of the Covid-19 emergency. We would also like to know your plans for assessment in 20/21 and over the longer-term. Please take the time to complete the short survey and share it with your colleagues.

Contribute to the session: Provide case studies and reflections

We plan to share materials about how best to design different types of assessment, online in particular, from September 7th 2020. The materials will be organized into the following topics, with a discussion forum for each.

  1. Case studies and examples of remote/online assessments, for example open book quantitative exam questions, online MCQs, group projects, to help people design their planned assessments for 20/21
  2. Research and reflections on the balance of summative/formative assessment and low stakes vs high stakes assessments
  3. Reflections on assessment experience in the 19-20 academic year
  4. Results of the Survey

Please contact Ashley Lait, Cloda Jenkins or Stefania Paredes Fuentes if you are interested in contributing materials in any of these topic areas. Materials can be written pieces, videos or voice presentations. We are aiming for short accessible materials. We would want contributions by Wednesday September 2nd at the latest, but ideally earlier to help those working on assessment design over the summer. Research that is, or on its way to becoming, a publishable paper could also be considered for review for a Special Issue of the International Review of Economics Education on Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

We will conclude the theme with an #EconTEAching seminar, co-hosted with CTaLE and the University of Warwick on September 16th 3-4pm. Following this event, we will move our focus to our annual GTA workshops. Keep an eye on this website for more information.

Session coordinators:
Parama Chaudhury, Cloda Jenkins, Stefania Paredes Fuentes

Some relevant Economics Network resources: