Economics Network Virtual Symposium

We are running a virtual symposium on online teaching and learning over a series of Mondays in June (details below). There will be live sessions, as well as discussion boards and resources, which will provide useful tips and ideas for transitioning to online learning in the short term (during the current coronavirus pandemic) and for using these ideas and technologies over the longer term as well.

Online sessions will be delivered via Zoom and YouTube.

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Theme 1: Engaging students and academics with online learning

  • 1 June Materials available on this website
  • 8 June (2pm–4pm) Live webinar session

​​​​​​​This live session will explore three aspects of online learning that are likely to have particular relevance as we prepare to teach flexibly in the academic year ahead. The focus will be on providing practical tips and demonstration through short activities with participants.

  • Part 1 will explore how to adapt existing modules for online delivery.
  • Part 2 will demonstrate how to engage students with offline material (asynchronously).
  • Part 3 will focus on how to engage students in live sessions online (synchronously).

Theme 2: Teaching with data online

  • 8 June Resources on this website and discussion board opened
  • 15 June Discussion board for theme 2 closed

Theme 3: Teaching with Excel online

  • 15 June Materials on this website
  • 22 June (2pm–4pm) Live webinar session

​​​​​​​This session will explore the significant and often unused potential of Excel in providing asynchronous resources for online economics teaching. The session will be in two parts:

  • the use of Excel as a simulation tool in teaching economic theory;
  • the benefits of using Excel to teach data-based subjects in comparison to more specialised tools such as Stata or R. 

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