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Theme 4: Adaptable assessment

Theme 4 of the Economics Network 2020 symposium is focused on helping lecturers with the design of their assessment in a changing world.

It has four parts. Part 1 is based on asynchronous material for you to look at in your own time. Part 2 includes online activities that ran from 8 September to 16 September 2020. Part 3 is a live virtual seminar that took place on 16 September; an edited video is available on this site. Part 4 outlines next steps as we draw the Economics Network Virtual Symposium 2020 to a close.

Annika Johnson (University of Bristol) has written an overview of the symposium.

Part 1 – Materials to review in your own time

including the Panic-free Guide to Assessment in the Time of Pandemic

Part 2 – Asynchronous activities

Part 3 – Video from live virtual seminar

Part 4 – What next?

Thanks to contributors

Theme 4 was co-organised by Parama Chaudhury, Cloda Jenkins and Stefania Paredes-Fuentes. It would not have been possible without the contributions of the following: Madeleine Adamson, Matthew Aldrich, Fabio Arico, Tim Burnett, Antonio Cabrales, Steve Cook, Silvia dal Bianco, Carlos Cortinhas, Peter Dawson, Anna Goddeke, Simon Halliday, Christopher Jepsen, Maria Kozlovskaya, Valerie Lechene, Michael McCann, Doug McKee, Paul Middleditch, Mario Morroni, Ramin Nassehi, Ravshonbek Otojanov, Dimitra Petropoulou, Marion Prat, Steve Proud, Michael Reynolds, Riccardo Soliani, Frank Witte and Michael Wycherely. This has been the ‘summer that never was’ for most of us, with no clear break between 2019/20 and 2020/21. We are extra grateful in these circumstances for people making the time to create and share these materials. It has been a great lesson in the feasibility and value of collaborative working, online and largely asynchronously!

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