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Careers for students of Health Economics


Dr Emma Frew is a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham.  Her current role is split across 3 main areas: Research, Learning/Teaching and Management/Adminstration. She gained an MSc in Health Economics from the University of York in 1998 and started work in academia 13 years ago as a Research Assistant within the Economics Department at the University of Nottingham. She currently works part-time (60%) across 3 days. 

Senior Lecturer - Roles and Responsibilities

National Health Service (NHS)

Ellen Rule is a health care manager and programme director for (acute) hospital commissioning at NHS Bristol. She gained an MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy from the University of Birmingham in 2010. She has held a number of roles in both hospital management and commissioning and prior to joining the NHS she worked in the cabinet office, for a government policy unit concerned with equity and equality issues.

Health Care Manager -  Roles and Responsibilities

National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Alastair Fischer is a health economics advisor in Public Health at NICE. He has a BSc, A BEc and a PhD in economics and he worked for many years as a senior lecturer in economics at the University of Adelaide before he became a health economist in the latter half of the 1990s. He also worked for 5 years as a research officer at the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Sampling and Methodology Branch. He has completely self-taught in health economics, apart from a 3-day course in Advanced Economic Techniques and a one/two day course in Treeage. He is also self-taught in Medical Statistics.  His training has not been at all typical by the standards of these days, but is rather similar to the training carried out by the early health economists such as Alan Williams or Tony Culyer, who tended to invent the discipline as they went along.

Health Economics Advisor - Roles and Responsibilities

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