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The Economist

The Economist is a weekly publication that reports on politics, economics, business and technology, from a free market perspective. Established in 1843, the print edition is now freely available online with a searchable archive. The website can be searched or browsed in different ways - by section, subject or data bank. also includes extra news analysis pieces, country briefings, cities guides, backgrounders on key issues in the news, plus email, RSS and mobile news alerts. It also provides blogs for opinion pieces, podcast interviews and audio updates for the print edition. Users can register for the site to personalise their view of the content and explore links to other services offered by The Economist Group.

Financial Times

The Financial Times website offers daily highlights from the FT newspaper, including today's top stories and the most important stories from around the world. The website also contains company and market news, plus comment, business life and weekend sections. A graph of the latest worldwide stock market indices (with a time delay) is also provided. Unregistered users are entitled to read three articles per month, but if you register with the site (which is free), you can read up to 20 articles per month, plus you can access an enhanced archive of company financial information. An email news service is also available for registered users. Even more content is available for paid subscribers. RSS feeds and Twitter feeds on a variety of topics are also available to all users of the site (whether registered or not).

Newspapers - USA and worldwide

This website provides links to many global news-gathering organisations. You can browse US newspapers by state. Scroll down through the US section to reach world news sources: you can browse through these by country. Then there are two News Site sections, the first is US and the second Worldwide. (This is part of the Refdesk website, which is a resource guide site run by Bob Drudge). International News and Analysis

Stratfor.Com was founded in 1995 as an international news analysis and forecasting service. It includes a fee paying service for business clients, but also provides news information free of charge on its website as well as a daily email letter. It scans a wide range of Internet news services, including Newsweek, the New York Times, ITAR_TAS and Jane's Defense Weekly and provides summaries of the main headlines. These are arranged geographically by regional areas with special features on 'hotspots' such as Kosovo and China/Taiwan. The main emphasis is on news relating to international security, conflicts and international relations.

New Internationalist

A magazine that "exists to report on issues of world poverty and inequality". Published monthly, it typically covers: refugees, poverty, child labour, humanitarian aid, landmines and development issues.

Resurgence & Ecologist

The environmental affairs magazine formerly known as The Ecologist. Contributors include former Green Party head Natalie Bennett. Topics include energy sustainability, fossil fuel divestment and the circular economy. The site's archive goes back to 1970, but requires a login and some sections require subscription.