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Multiply out the following expressions(2x2 − 5x + 10)(2x + 7)
Find the maximum value of each quadratic and the x value at which it occursy = 9 + 8x − 8x2
Solve the following simultaneous equations4y − 3x = 8; x − y = 5
Find the graph of the following straight lines in the form y=ax + bThe line passing through (7, −1) and (−3, 2)
Solve the following quadratics by factorising3x2 + 29x + 56 = 0
Find the x co-ordinates of the stationary points on the following equationsy = x3 + 7x2 + 16x + 9
Simplify the following into a single quadratic and then solve by factorising2x2 + 10x − 21 = 5x + 4
Find the area under these curves between the two x valuesy = 2x2 + x − 5 between x=3 and x=5

Tutorial material to help with these questions

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