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Correlation examples 
Linear correlation: illustration of correlation coefficients for various distributions in an x/y plane. via Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain 
Anscombe's quartet 3 
Anscombe's Quartet (four different data sets with the same summary statistics) via Wikimedia Commons. GPLCC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL


This site is part of the DeSTRESS project, promoting statistical literacy by sharing, adapting and creating resources to contextualise statistics for social sciences.

We have created:

This is an Open Educational Resource site. All contributors are credited prominently and retain ownership of the materials they share. If have any materials that would be suitable for the showcase, contact . See the METAL Project for a similar set of resources in mathematics for economics.

The project was led by Rebecca Taylor at Nottingham Trent University, with partners including University of Portsmouth, Brunel University and the Economics Network, University of Bristol.

DeSTRESS has produced a Printable brochure (PDF) about Open Educational Resources in Economics

External materials

Materials on external servers are not always Open Educational Resources. Full copyright applies to resources found on the web unless the owner says otherwise.