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Assessment materials for Statistics in Economics

DeSTRESS project interactive questions

Created by Martin Greenhow and Abdulrahman Kamavi, Brunel University and released under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

This set allows you to choose from 11 topics each comprising questions that produce thousands of different questions at runtime. They are part of the MathsEG online service, which you can configure via the teacher interface.


  1. Notation and basics: sigma notation, summations, data types
  2. Measures of locationarithmetic mean, median, mode
  3. Measures of dispersion - percentiles: deciles, general percentiles, lower quartiles, upper quartiles, using quartiles
  4. Measures of dispersion - variance and, population deviation, population variance, sample deviation, sample variance
  5. Correlation and regressionPMCC, SRCC, regression
  6. Probabilitydefinitions, addition rule general, addition rule independent events, addition rule mutually exclusive events, multiplication rule conditional, multiplication rule independent events, Bayes theorem, combinations, permutations
  7. Discrete random distributionscumulative, expected values, properties, variance
  8. Normal distributionconfidence intervals, contextual, decontextual, standard normal distribution, two bounds
  9. Binomial distributioncumulative using theory, cumulative using tables, expectation, single event, standard deviation, variance
  10. Poisson distributionapproximation to the binomial, cumulative
  11. Forecastingerror measures, exponential smoothing, moving averages, seasonal variation

University of Sussex

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Jonathan Parker, Keele University

Worksheets from PIR20069 - Approaches to Political Analysis


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Stephen Ansolabehere, MIT

Quantitative Research in Political Science and Public Policy

MIT OpenCourseWare from 2004, lecture notes, exams and solutions. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) Licence

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