Classroom practice and Student Engagement

Reflections on Teaching in a Research-intensive University

Michael McMahon, University of Warwick
Michael McMahon
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Warwick
Published November 2010

Teaching East-Asian Students: Some Observations

Swee-Hoon Chuah, Nottingham University Business School
Swee-Hoon Chuah
Nottingham University Business School
Published October 2010

Dr Chuah was the winner of the Economics Network's Outstanding Teaching Award for 2009.

An introductory class session to introduce the dimensions of development

Peter Smith, University of Southampton
Peter Smith
University of Southampton
Published August 2010

Teaching Economics to non-Economists

Judith Piggott (with Fran Smith), Oxford Brookes University
Judith Piggott
Principal Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Published July 2010

Economics staff, especially in non-traditional Universities, are often ask to provide economics courses for non-specialists. This term can mean those on combined honours, dual discipline courses but also those who have never done any economics before.

Reconsidering the Teaching of Economics to Students on Business Programmes

Munacinga Simatele, University of Hertfordshire
Munacinga Simatele
Senior Lecturer, Economics
University of Hertfordshire
Published July 2010


Overseas Aid in the Dragons' Den

Peter Smith, University of Southampton
Peter Smith
University of Southampton
Published April 2010

This case study is adapted from materials shared on the TRUE wiki for Development Economics. Dr Smith's supporting materials are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial licence via the links below.

Trial of the Exeter Economic Experiments

Juergen Bracht, Department of Economics, University of Aberdeen
Juergen Bracht
Department of Economics
University of Aberdeen


Applying Economics Threshold Concepts

Oliver Marnet, Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, Coventry University
Dr. Oliver Marnet
The Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, Coventry University
Published January 2010

Introduction and Objectives

Using METAL resources to teach Economics

Vitalia Kinakh, The Manchester College
Vitalia Kinakh
The Manchester College
Published December 2009


Two years ago I took part in a workshop organised by the Economics Network. At this workshop Rebecca Taylor introduced the METAL project, an idea which really appealed to me as a lecturer in Economics. Therefore as soon as I learned that the Economics Network was seeking lecturers to trial METAL resources, I decided to play a part in their evaluation.