Economics is a fantastic subject to teach as it helps us understand so many aspects of individual consumer and firm behaviour, as well as highlighting the inter-relationships between the many important macroeconomic concepts. As such, there is a wealth of resources instructors can draw on, either to clarify content, to provide examples, to stimulate discussion or to simply break up a teaching session to ensure student concentration is maintained. In particular, teaching with films and videos has become increasingly popular.

Various media can offer particularly valuable resources. As well as a vast array of popular books being published in recent years on often entertaining applications of Economics, news and media are also full of material which can be used for teaching. The resources could be used in class sessions as well as small group lectures and may be the basis for a flipped classroom teaching scenario and we recommend considering using some of the following resources in your teaching:

YouTube videos

There are lots of videos, television and film clips that you can find to illustrate many aspects of Economics.

Have fun searching!

Research article on Economics as portrayed in films

Leet, Don, Houser, Scott (2003) “Economics goes to Hollywood: Using Classic Films & Documentaries to Create an Undergraduate Economics Course”, Journal of Economic Education, volume 34, number 4, Fall, pp. 326–32. DOI: 10.1080/00220480309595226

The Economics of Seinfeld

News stories

  • The Economist
  • Newspaper articles
  • Television news

Blogs on Economics

For example

The Stand Up Economist

CORE ‘The Economy’

CORE offers an alternative, free to access, set of first year Economics Principles teaching resources. There are several videos and other multimedia content in the e-book.

Films that support teaching Mathematics and Statistics for Economists

For a general discussion on the use of media in Economics teaching see: