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Advice and case studies

Taking teaching online

In Summer 2020, teaching staff are adapting their teaching to the pandemic, moving face-to-face activities online. We provide a lot of advice for online teaching. Start with this overview document.

Our 2020 Virtual Symposium covered Engaging students and academics with online learning, Teaching with data online, Teaching with Excel online and in September will consider Assessing Economics online.

Handbook and Ideas Bank

The Handbook for Economics Lecturers includes chapters on eLearning topics:

Our Ideas Bank has more than sixty short case studies from academic economists relating to the use of technology

Funded Projects

The Economics Network has funded projects to develop eLearning resources and practice in economics, both in its own mini-project scheme and as part of the JISC Distributed eLearning initiative. Outcomes include:

eLearning resources

Our catalogue of online learning materials includes links to interactive tutorials, simulations and online quizzes. Assessment resources can be shared through our password-protected question bank.

The METAL and Mathcentre projects have produced many dedicated resources for maths: see the theme document on Maths Support.

Need help with IT skills, such as using Powerpoint or the various online services for economics lecturers? Then try our eLearning Anorak Test and get some personalised tips.

Student and Staff Attitudes to eLearning

Our surveys have shown that students have high expectations about the availability of online resources in their courses. A majority of lecturers have taken up the use of eLearning for distributing materials, but for various reasons its use for assessment is still only by a minority. A summary of survey results relating to eLearning is available to download in PDF.


We have twice held an eLearning Symposium in Bristol.

eLearning Award

As part of our Learning and Teaching Awards, we have run an award for eLearning to highlight work done by economics lecturers in creating or using electronic resources.


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