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Recent case studies

Wayne Geerling, LaTrobe University
June 2011
Ken Clark, University of Manchester
January 2011
Michael McMahon, University of Warwick
November 2010
Swee-Hoon Chuah, Nottingham University Business School
October 2010
James Copestake and Tom Ellum, University of Bath
September 2010
Peter Smith, University of Southampton
September 2010
Judith Piggott (with Fran Smith), Oxford Brookes University
July 2010
Munacinga Simatele, University of Hertfordshire
June 2010
Peter Smith, University of Southampton
April 2010
Margaret Giles, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia
January 2010
Juergen Bracht, Department of Economics, University of Aberdeen
January 2010
Oliver Marnet, Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, Coventry University
January 2010
Juliette Stephenson, University of Exeter Business School
January 2010
Sheila Dutton, University of Portsmouth
January 2010
Giancarlo Ianulardo, Economics Department, University of Bath
December 2009
Vitalia Kinakh, The Manchester College
December 2009
Jon Guest, Coventry University
December 2009
John Sloman, The Economics Network
November 2009
Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics, Warwick University
October 2009